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A basic story of DJ Crouchie

The story begins in the early part of the 1980's when I used to attend some after secondary school discos. The DJ of those evenings was a friend of mine. He asked me if I would play the next few songs so he could dance with some of the girls our age. He showed me how to cue and mix the two songs and each disco from there I would take over for 30 minutes or more. This continued for the rest of the time I attended school.

Around 1985 when I was playing vinyls (33's and 45's) in my bedroom after purchasing a cheap second deck and a four-channel mixer from Tandy I began to do what I was doing at those discos.

White Label music was introduced to me and I decided to get mixing with that. Around the same time, I was at a club in Harlow in Essex where I met Tony Blackburn who added to my vinyl with a few records from his collection, and to this day still have them. So, from this time I proceeded to get into more, and throughout the rest of the 80's I got into that yet my neighbours' didn't agree with my taste or how loud the music was.

One-day, a friend of mine asked if he could use my mixer and a few decks (I gave him the cheap decks rather than the Technic's I was using then.). That decision turned out to be a good one as my friend broke the decks, blew up the mixer by putting his bass guitar through it then went underground to hide from me for a year or more. At this time, my life had changed (clubbing / karate / women, etc.) and the mixing took a long break. How long? Well actually it was until 2018 where I bought myself some Pioneer™ CDJ-2000NXS2 decks and a Pioneer™ DJM-900NXS2 mixer. This is the equipment I have today.

What got me back into it?

I was on You Tube looking for some music to play in the background and came across a Ukrainian DJ called Miss Monique, played a few of her sets and liked it even though I prefer heavier types of music like UK Garage, Underground Garage, NRG and Hardcore. I started to search for other DJ's and began living my younger days. Of course, Miss Monique's beatmatching isn't the best, but neither is mine. We all have to begin somewhere.

After buying the above equipment, I went back onto You Tube to find some good beginner DJ tutorials where I came across Ellaskins You Tube channel - Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended! Another person from You Tube I like is Phil Harris' You Tube channel. Another person I found was Sound of Arman You Tube channel.